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New Brand @REBECCA

While visiting Milan, the city of fashion, Rebecca discovered a new gem: the Italian fashion label ‘Holy Caftan’.

‘Holy Caftan’ represents traditional, fair local production and has strong connections with southern Italian history.

Embroidery and decorative patterns evoke a sense of antiquity. Signature features include exquisite textiles made of premium materials, feminine lace and minimalist patterns.

The caftan and the tunic are reinterpreted, daintily trimmed with lace and given a modern twist using subtle details.

Feminine maxi dresses with low-cut backs and wide leg cropped trousers, combined with a tunic including cord trim are a must-have for fashionistas.

The purist, but nonetheless unique designs create a distinctive, Italian look. Holy Caftan integrates haute couture into everyday life!

We’re pleased to be able to present the carefully selected designs by this brand at our boutique.

Come by and let us enchant you with this exclusive fashion over an Italian speciality coffee.


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